30 Day Art Challenge

Check Out This Art Challenge!
Posted on 03/13/2020
art palette clipartTry this 30 Day Art Challenge!
*Complete one challenge each day for 30 days.

1. You as a superhero
2. Your favorite animal/your pet
3. Favorite singer
4. Best friend
5. Crazy hair day
6. Character from a game
7. Mythical creature[unicorn,dragon,or any other made up creature]
8. Create your own board game
9. Your personal role model
10. Favorite TV show
11. A place you want to go
12. A Candy Land 
13. Your worst nightmare 
14. What you want to be when you grow up
15. Combination of three animals - One for the head,one for the body,one for the tail
16. A way to travel-boat,plane,car,train,or any other kind
17. Invention to do one of your chores
18. Robot world
19. Insect,A world where things that are normally small are LARGE {giant bugs,food ect}
20. What will you look like when you are 100
21. Draw a germ and how you fight the germ
22. A feast of all your favorite foods
23. A punishment with all of your least favorite foods
24. A portrait of all your favorite teachers
25. A portrait of you
26. Draw one of your shoes
27. Create your own brand of food {a type of cereal,soup,candy,whatever you choose}
28. Draw an emotion in shapes,lines,and colors
29. Create a school flag
30. Make a celebration banner

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